My cuisine

Cooking for me feels like going home: the smells of the sea, of lemons, of home.

I love experimenting. I start with a flavor, a smell, a gesture, a memory.

A territory like mine leaves an indelible imprint that you'll carry with you wherever you go. This is why my dishes are always inspired by childhood memories, made of simple flavors that taste like home, and by the culinary traditions of Piedmont, my adopted homeland.

The maximum expression of my cuisine is a harmonious fusion between my past and present. It draws from the creative freedom of pairing and added value of raw materials used: just a few, of the highest quality and always easily identifiable to the palate.

My ingredients

An ingredient can make your heart sing. Make people happy.

I am not an innovator. I just dig deep and lose myself in the flavors of tradition. And try to bring them to light in a new form, without losing sight of the value of each.