Io Antonino

The roots of my cuisine lie in the land where I was born.

The first time I set foot in a professional kitchen, I must have been about eight years old.

I remember how much I loved watching my father, who was also a chef, in the middle of the kitchen brigades in fine restaurants. Even then, I thought that I would never want to be anything else in life but be a Chef ... looking back today, I realize how far determination and perseverance can take you!

Now that I live with my family on Lake Orta, in Piedmont, a territory as distant from mine as it is stimulating and full of challenges, I can still smell my beloved Campania, the Sorrento lemons, my dear grandmother's ragù, and freshly caught fish.

And do you know why? The answer is simple. If you have strong roots in life, you can go as far away as you like, but your homeland will always be inside you.

«I am who I am today, thanks to my parents. I want to share my solid values with you, the rules of life that have shown me the way and on which I have built everything».