I am what I believe in.

I believe I am a direct, straightforward person, maybe too much so. I have solid values I would like to share with you, rules in life that have shown me the way and which are the basis of what I have.

They are my father, my mother and my masters’ teachings. If I have become what am today, it is thanks to them too.


If I were to forget Ticciano, the tiny village above Vico Equense where I was born, it would be like forgetting who I am. How can you go round the world if you do not have solid roots?

The family is everything. It is the reason I wake up in the morning and return home at night. No man, not even the strongest, can go it alone. My parents, my wife, my children, I would be nothing without them.


In the kitchen, as in life itself, you have to have ingredients that are real and genuine, otherwise our dishes will be nothing but imitations of someone else’s dishes.

I have always known that all chickens come home to roost. All you have to do is be sincere and you will have nothing to fear. Of course I am not sayng you must never compromise, just to do it and still remain true to yourself.

Which is actually easier, isn’t it? It should come to us naturally, like cooking for those we love.

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Call it humility, modesty, being grounded … look guys, this is what it is all about, never forget where you have come from, got it?

Accept criticism, it is what makes you grow, respect those who think differently to yourself and never brag about your successes. Those are the rules for earning the esteem of those around you. That’s how I grew up … and I did a lot of growing!

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It doesn’t matter how hard things are, never give up!
Might sound silly, but it’s true, it was for me!

I spent my nights in the kitchen, broke my back. And there were moments I wanted to chuck it all in, never see my apron again.
I wanted to, but, you know, I never did.

If you believe in something, fight for it. You might not get there, but that way you won’t have anything to reproach yourself for.

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It’s not easy for a kid to leave home, leave his land, his friends and loved ones. It’s a real test in life.
Without making this effort, though, you can’t completely grow up and take off, in all senses.

The same is true of cooking. Let me tell you and pardon me the term, you need to be brazen when trying out new flavours, and be aware you could also be taken for a madman!

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