Looking to the 2017 edition

After four Seasons as presenter and celebrity chef at the helm of Italy’s version of FoxLife’s Kitchen Nightmares, an honour he feels deeply, in 2015 Antonino was invited to take part in Masterchef, the most well-known culinary programme in the history of television.

Broadcast in Italy on Sky Uno, it is the Italian version of the talent show which has its origins in Britain and which for five years has been fascinating Italian audiences, attracting and inspiring amateur chefs of all ages whose distinguishing marks are ambition, ability and charisma.

Following a special guest appearance and the invitation from Masterchef, the edition sees Antonino join his friends and colleagues, Joe Bastianich, Bruno Barbieri and Carlo Cracco putting competitors to the test in all areas, including knowledge of edible products, exceptional inventiveness and mastery of the various forms of cooking or recipes while they also show they can adapt to all situations, have tactical ability and personal qualities and skills. As always, the panel of judges acts in order to ensure each season finds its brand new Masterchef.

In the fifth edition of the show, the weekly episodes lasted almost three months, from 17 December 2015 to 3 march 2016. February saw the commencement of casting for the new season and now they are working on filming to bring new excitement to viewers in 2016, so they can learn new tricks to apply to their culinary production at home!

From Antonin’s involvement in his programmes that help cooks and restaurateurs, it Is easy to see just how much Antonino feels his responsibility to those who share his love for their profession and seriously wish to increase their skills and improve. Being one of the judges in Masterchef, judging these budding chefs is a mission he carries in his head and in his heart – the concrete demonstration of his desire to take participants to new opportunities for success.