My cuisine

Cooking for me is listening to the call of the places I grew up in: the smell of the sea,the scent of lemons, of home.


Inspiration comes from memories but skill comes from hard work, long nights spent in the kitchen and true passion for a very demanding profession that may not automatically bring rewards for all your efforts. Like in life itself, a meeting point is everything: between north and south, sea and mountains – the secret is balance.

I don’t feel as if I were an innovator, I go in-depth, losing myself in flavours that come from tradition, trying to bring a new form to life while respecting each ingredient.


My ingredients

Among the cornerstones of my cuisine is the lemon. It is everything in the tradition of Campania, aroma, dessert, a medicine and a refreshment.

The best? Why, the ones that come from the Amalfi coast. They are sweet and juicy with an unmistakable scent.


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A pastry cream without lemon is like Milan without its cathedral


My journey

You are not born a chef, you become one. Memories, meetings, flavours, everything that led me on my journey into the world of cooking. Took my very first steps with my grandmother, I watched with admiration as she prepared traditional dishes, such as “candele alla genovese”, all with immense dedication. She made me break the candele in my hands together with her. What a satisfaction it was to know I had actually contributed to one of these dishes.

I am still using it today in my menus.


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When I give someone a thump on the back, it is because I am interested in them, I take them to heart…

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  • È incredibile vedere tanti ragazzini che prima volevano fare le rockstar o i calciatori, e adesso vogliono diventare Chef! Non basta però amare la cucina, per riuscire in questo ambiente serve una dedizione assoluta, non solo per i primi tempi, per sempre. Pensateci bene ‘uagliù.


  • “Fai del bene e dimenticalo. Fai del male e ricordalo. La saggezza di mia nonna è il ricordo più vivo che ho di lei.” Antonino Cannavacciuolo
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