I don’t mince my words, I’m straightforward, maybe overly so..

A homeland like mine leaves a mark you take everywhere with you. Cooking well is my way of paying a tribute to it, it allows me to take the flavours and perfumes I left in Campania with me.

I am lucky, I’ve always said so.

Being born on the Sorrento coast is a gift, but if you can learn to live in Naples you can go anywhere in the world.

Even if you have nothing, you can be happy and feel at home there..

I remember the smell of artichokes roasting on metal bedsprings – at the time I did not understand the significance of the art of making do, now I ask myself where else in the world it would be possible.

Not just days by the sea but also carefree scooter rides to see friends at Castellamare with friends and underwater fishing with my father. What I miss most is the Ticciano Fete Day.

When I was a little kid, I looked forward to 29th September as much as I did Christmas in my little village high above Vico Equense where we celebrate St Michael the Archangel.

It was lovely to run through the streets decorated with bunting for the Fete. Music, colours, sweetmeats and traditional specialities filled the streets.

I’ll never forget the smell of Ticciano goat meat roasting, it is the one dish that symbolises this Fete Day, that really reminds me of my childhood.

Now that I live with my family on Lake Orta, I can still smell the perfume of the lemons, the fragrance of my grandmother’s ragout, the fish that had just been caught.

There’s a little trick, if you have solid roots – you can go as far away as you like, but your homeland will always remain inside you.