Bottega & Shops

Creativity is freedom of expression, colors and combinations of flavors. In the kitchen, you've got to be like a child. If it's the right job, that urge to play and experiment will never go away.

Ideas, you know, come from being curious and wanting to play and experiment; from the creativity that is in each of us. But creativity also means pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It calls for courage, willingness to share, imagination and lots of passion, as always.

With this spirit, I opened my first artisan bottega of haute patisserie in Suno, in the province of Novara.

I wanted a place that would work as a container for ideas, where you can get your hands dirty and always feel inspired, where you can express yourself at your best and unleash your artistic vein with simplicity, just like a painter tackling a painting. After all, cooking is also an art that deserves to be indulged.

Today our bottega is a place full of colors, fragrances and goodies, fruit of my pastry chefs' artistry and talent. Every day, they prepare small works of art, we love sharing with those with a sweet tooth!