The main course is emotion
The new book by Cannavacciuolo

Those of you who have enjoyed reading the first two books by Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo will not want to miss the next step in the evolution of his story. The first two explore his childhood, his relations with his masters, his professional path, telling of his professional and personal experiences while advising budding cooks about the right route to take, with lessons on techniques and essential recipes for anyone wishing to become a chef. Tonino may be seen as the Chef who was able to unite Italy. He brought the South North, to bring together the best of two worlds, to marry them as he married Cinzia, a native of Lake Orta where their magical Villa Crespi with its atmosphere of a Thousand and One Nights lies.

The third book in the series is for the truly passionate, the result of accumulated experience and the stimulus to break new ground. He has dedicated a good part of the book to how dishes are served, looking after their beauty, following the teachings of his father, a master of decoration, a true artist and a source of constant inspiration for Antonino. Because “if you invite others to taste your cooking, then first of all they should eat it with their eyes,”

Cooking is the desire to experiment and discipline so our master Antonino Cannavacciuolo, in this book, throws his all, his talent and his experience, into benefitting those who passionately enjoy a challenge. With a reminder, though, that the one thing that should never be missing from a successful dish is emotion